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About Us

Independence is a value we share with many of our clients. As founders of an independent wealth management practice at Raymond James we are know for our down-to-earth and direct approach. We cut through the noise surrounding the capital markets and the media in order to help our clients gain clarity and confidence they need to make smart financial decisions, whether preparing for retirement, living in retirement, or preparing to transfer of wealth.

Like so many of our clients, we value our independence. While we are proud of the partnership we have with Raymond James (they were named "Investment Banking Firm of the Year" by M&A Advisor*) we aren't employees. We truly work for our clients.

This means we are able to search the market for investments, high quality retirement plan providers, and the most reputable insurance companies, without being captive to any of them.

Being independent doesn't mean going it alone. When working with us, you have a team behind you, supporting you every step of the way.


*The M&A Advisor awards recognize excellence in deal making, restructuring and financing and celebrate the contributions and achievements of leading firms and professionals.